Red Collar Boxers

We currently have seven boxers. Although we are in the breeding business, they are first and foremost, our pets. They all live inside with us. We have been raising boxers for 30 years. My father grew up with his parents raising boxers. They are a part of our family as much as our children.

Growing up with boxers I know them well, but they still surprise me regularly. They make great companions, and protectors. They're sometimes silly and have great personalities. No one boxer is the same. For instance, our "little" boy, Chance loves his stuffed animals; he carries them all over the house. Frisky is the "Mama" of the bunch, she sits back and watches over her puppy pack , lets them know when they're doing wrong. Dink and Bambi are happy just to play, play, play. Brandy is our temperamental girl, she loves to play as much as the rest of them, but when she's had enough she lets everyone know. Tyson is the clown, the everlasting toddler, always getting into everything and sometimes downright unruly, but when he looks at you with those big brown eyes all is forgotten. Ginger is my chewer, anything she can get in her mouth tastes great to her, even though she is sometimes bad, her nickname is "Bug" because she is the "love bug". Fawn is my girl. The constant companion who is always by my side. She hates the blow dryer and vacuum, but loves to ride on the four wheeler and jump on the trampoline with my kids.

We offer Boxer puppies for sale in Burlington Iowa. All puppies come with AKC registration application papers.

Boxers take a great amount of care and time. They should be researched by any new owner thinking of bringing one into their home. If you have the time and the love that they require, they will not disappoint you.